The team


A philosopher by education, a rationalist by belief and a mystic by birth. On the one hand he adopts the attitude of a careful, knowledge-verifying researcher, on the other, the attitude of an open and humble Truth seeker. His skilful and purposeful combination of activity and passivity help him deal with inner education and efficient help for others in a safe and very reliable way.

Experienced in the business world, he has been using his knowledge and skills for many years as a business advisor, helping many companies on their road to success.

Non-conventional Navis Nord teaching, based on a viable attitude to reality, lets a given person see their own emotional states, wishes and needs. It shows efficient ways to work focused on improving of functioning quality and finding our own development path. It presents a holistic, multiaspectual and practical approach to the subject. The mode of transfer used is adjusted for the individual student and takes into account their perception type.
He started developing spiritual experience between late seventies and early eighties. He participated in many retreats, lectures and courses of schools from 21 different traditions. He has spent time in monastery and he has spent hundreds of days fasting.

Since 1992 he has been running Station Nord in Poland.


The Instructor Group of Station Nord was created in 2011. It educates people with over 10 years experience in Station Nord. Presently, apart from Navis Nord, the courses are also run by supervised Station Nord instructors who have participated in the courses for 15 years and who have connected that training with others fields of experience, such as: PhD in psychology, psychotherapy, business coaching, running an independent company or a position of a senior manager in financial sector working as a department director.