Participant opinions

Station Nord is the school of life, or rather a training ground, where we can safely practice passing through difficult situations on the way to becoming independent, un-steerable, deconditioned being. SN is an incubator of our own talents. It is a great chance to fully pursue our goals on every level: professional, business, scientific, partner and human relationships, without compromising and without giving anything up. An unprecedented occasion for change: of constraining habits, limits, mentality. For some it may also be meeting the unknown and discovering life tasks.

Kalina, 40 years old

The Tutor is a person with both feet on the ground, with pragmatic approach to life in its many spheres. He has skill with existential matters. He describes what mechanisms govern the man and how to use different aspects of own construction to achieve our life goals. Out-of-psychologic knowledge allows for easier operation in psychosocial, professional, partner (relation), intergenerational and intimate sphere of life.
The Tutor is in many relations to the course participant: a senior colleague, conversation partner, a friend, a careful listener, support, man/woman, Father/Mother, an objective observer.
Station Nord is a place which lets us find ourselves outside from the social role imposed on us. It is a place for people dreaming about freedom and independence (not just from Mum, Dad or the opposite sex-this depends on how much freedom you wish). It is a place for people with ambitions, but also for those, who just wish to develop them. It is a place for people but wish for another and for those, who dream of success, but have difficulty finding the objective and means to its attainment. It is a place for those, who dream about a successful love relation and for those, who seek fulfilment in love.

Eva, 60 years old

The training sessions are very practical, their topics focus on the most basic needs of the contemporary man – human and partner relationships, deconditioning from social manipulation, optimising own work, practicing discipline and earning a living.
The Tutor is not unrealistic hermit selling doubtful wisdom hidden in mysterious slogans, but a man of business, who owes his success to those very skills he teaches in courses. The teachings are deeply rooted in life and thought with modern language (without esoteric mumbo-jumbo). The Tutor also provides detailed instruction as to implementing theories in life (which is especially unique for me, since I have not encountered such approach anywhere).
Station Nord meetings have a form of lectures, courses, trainings and exercises. They allow participants to shed limiting views borrowed from third parties. This provides control of own world perception, choice of partner and professional life. They start to understand that the direction they will follow is the result of their (and only their) work and discipline.
So if someone needs a justification of their grandeur and a highway to enlightment – I do not recommend them our meetings. If, however, they are ready to distance themselves to their own views and opinions (good or bad) and if they are ready to give up comfortable self-deceit – it is worth a try, I think.

Philip, 26 years old

Station Nord is a space where we can be ourselves, here you may put aside, ”take off” a social role that you are ascribed to and which sometimes suffocates and limits you. Forget, if only for a while, who you are in the social world: a child of your parents, a brother, a sister, a parent, a husband or wife, a student, a businessman, a politician, a specialist… Think about your longings; remember your greatest dream… Feel free.
Navis Nord is not an”adherent” of religion; he does not propagate cults nor ideologies. An opponent of seekers for fictional spirituality. He is not sentimental. He destroys illusions, which makes us see clearer our present situation. Sometimes it is a painful procedure, but it brings freedom in the long run. He will not tell you what to do: he shows the means thanks to which you may find the solution to the problem. If you are lazy, demanding, dependant on other’s opinion, well… no one will give you solutions on a silver plate, the problems will remain. He does not enforce his opinions, requires independent thinking and acting. Stomps out the primitive mentality. Inspires to own searches. Invites to enter the space free from all limitations.

Tomek, 32 years old

The Tutor is a FUNCTION, not a person – a teacher, a coach, a friend. He provides feedback (corrects behaviours), shows what is and what is not efficient in a given moment. He talks about both life issues and the search.

Adam, 48 years old

Navis Nord is someone who achieves his objectives, a man of knowledge and experience, who shares this good with people ready to accept it, a friend of the seekers. A person for whom nothing is “impossible”. The one who, in spite of seeing all shades of human nature, low instincts and inappropriate motivation, looks at the individual’s potential. Such a fresh look gives opportunity for growth, lifts you up from the ground, straightens your back, opens your chest and gets you ready to fly. He is not a therapist, although when the process demands it, he uses modern therapeutic methods and techniques with skill. He is not a self-proclaimed guru who demands blind faith and obedience – he provides the definition of faith: “It is a natural tendency to perceive truth as truth”. He belongs to no church but I know no man that would be more religious…

Bogdan, 46 years old

Many of my friends decided to change after reading books or listening to a lecture. But some have discovered that many places which work on personal development work on an extremely shallow level. What next? Some asked and they received an answer that there is nothing next or that they must go to the other end of the world to meet somebody important. In Station Nord I am able to find what many other places lack: a perspective of many years‘ development, ever deeper explanations to the exercises used and a Tutor I can trust, whose experience and real approach to the world is far richer than those of most people I know.

Urszula, 29 years old