Prosperity Training

The training objective is to create a mental state which we call ‘Wealth Mentality’. The trivial mind understands wealth as money. Wealth is not just money, it is Freedom, a Multiplicity of Possibilities and Mental State and Mind that gives you the chance of the total achievement of everything you wish for. It is giving up ‘either … or …’ for ‘both … and … ‘. It is freeing ourselves from the inner feeling of lack and defect, it is the possibility to share with others without fear of loss, and also the possibility of obtaining things that money can buy and ‘things’ that money cannot buy. It is a state full of nourishing substances and life essences, which are the cause of success. It is effectiveness, efficacy and life in its fullness. It is a frame of mind which attracts people to you like a magnet, the essence of what real charisma is.

It is easy to lose money. When your inner attitude is the Attitude of Wealth, even the biggest crisis, worst bear market or other reasons for wealth loss will not scare you. Whoever has Inner Wealth is able to re-create outer wealth anew in all conditions. There are people who have got money from ‘fate’: they were born in rich and influential families, they were in the right place at the right time, they stumbled upon a need in the market by accident when starting a business and gained outer wealth that way. They must also develop the state of Inner Wealth if they wish to keep their outer wealth. For those who did not get many ‘presents’ from ‘fate’ the way to wealth mentality is the only option which would enable them to change their fortunes.

Clement of Alexandria, who lived between second and third century CE wrote about wealth in his text Who is the rich man that shall be saved? in the following way:

Riches, then, which benefit also our neighbors, are not to be thrown away. For they are possessions, inasmuch as they are possessed, and goods, inasmuch as they are useful and provided by God for the use of men; and they lie to our hand, and are put under our power, as material and instruments which are for good use to those who know the instrument. If you use it skillfully, it is skillful; if you are deficient in skill, it is affected by your want of skill, being itself destitute of blame. Such an instrument is wealth. Are you able to make a right use of it? It is subservient to righteousness. Does one make a wrong use of it? It is, on the other hand, a minister of wrong.

There is a state which gives everything and you can achieve it. The way to it leads from Prosperity Training.

When you are freed from the suffering of conquering, trudging for livelihood and poverty, you can dedicate your time to what is really important to you. Wealth mentality is strength, access to knowledge, an ability to influence others in a creative and positive way and the ability to remove their suffering of poverty and constriction. It is a condition, which never diminishes or runs out. It gives freedom, joy and energy, which fills you from dawn till dusk, and which makes everything you touch bloom.

When you have wealth you will be able to understand what the real limitations of this world are. This, however, is another story…

Prosperity Training Introduction is a book currently in preparation by Navis Nord.

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