Professional career

Work, professional career level fulfilment, professional success are one of the important aspects of modern man’s life. It is hardly surprising – an average man spends 1/3 of his day time at work. It would be worthwhile for this time to be meaningful, so that it would bring not just money, but also better cognition of ourselves, of our needs and ways of action.

Topics such as: professional career, formulating and realising objectives, motivation, efficient action, ways of thinking resulting from and leading to poverty mentality or Wealth Mentality, are discussed during different Station Nord courses, also as a part of the Prosperity Training educational cycle.

Examples of topics connected with professional career discussed in Station Nord courses:

  • Effective objective formulation and achievement
  • Learning our limitations and barriers separating us from wish fulfilment and learning the ways to eliminate them
  • Developing own efficiency and increasing effectiveness of actions (resource management: time, energy, motivation and emotions)
  • Efficient ways to balance professional and personal life
  • Learning the patterns of thinking and emotional patterns in successful, difficult and crisis situations
  • Learning about correct and incorrect motivational models ( wrong motivation may lead to, for instance, professional burnout)
  • Freeing ourselves from unwanted influences
  • Independence and self-reliance in thinking and acting
  • Development of psychophysical strength, stress coping and relax
  • Searching for our own professional way
  • Professional success – vision and realisation
  • Mental attitudes and Wealth Mentality
  • Developing the attitude of an efficient leader
  • The rules of creating effective relations with clients, partners and co-workers (business level) and building satisfactory people relations
  • Developing consciousness, which allows us to grasp changing conditions in the business environment, as well as within the company (how many firms have fallen, because they failed to notice technological changes or customer preference changes)
  • Flexibility in thinking and acting – flexibility is the basis of ability to change, which allows for a quick adaptation to changing conditions. It also allows to leave behind the factors that stop us from efficient acting and cause loss or stagnation sooner or later

Available forms of professional career planning and developing are selected courses in Station Nord human development centre and business consultations with Navis Nord.

Prosperity Training Introduction is a book currently in preparation by Navis Nord.