Philosophy and religion

Mystical Cognition Path

A vessel that does not carry the light of life,
cannot be called a lamp, but merely a urine container.


Blessed are those who do not know.
For those who know are the curse of this world.

Navis Nord

Mystical Cognition Path is a proposal for open-minded people, seekers and Finders of the Truth, people ready to meet its different faces and ways of transmission, always based in a specific time reality. A way for those who long for a total fulfilment and integration, transcending emotions, expectations and imaginations.

A mystical message is heard in stories, novels and poetry. But it is most discoverable in silence of prayer and meditation. In courses we explore teaching of great masters of humankind and original texts of mystics from different traditions. We learn meditation techniques and mysteries of the true prayer, which, in Station Nord becomes an authentic ego slaughter.

We shape the skill to observe basic inner discipline, without which our spiritual journey will never begin. We develop understanding of ourselves and others. We learn about consecutive stages of consciousness development and conditions that must be met in order to advance. Many of us search for a guide on their path – a source of inspiration. The meetings hint how to search and what criteria to consider when selecting a spiritual teacher.
Our meetings create skills to learn from different mystic, religious and mythological transfer sources. They are not study of religions, study of neither culture nor theology. We propose discovering of texts from Judeo-Christian-Islamic, Greek, Egyptian, Hindu, Buddhist and European philosophy classics, with their simultaneous translation to a language comprehensible for the modern man.

We return to our roots. During courses we study texts from different mystical or religious traditions, to learn our own inner language, our premonitions connected with the Sacrum zone contact. Denomination or its lack is meaningless here, mysticism transcends denomination. Learning to read mystical texts from different traditions, gives you a necessary tool for self-cognition. To learn to read yourself is the first step to follow your own path.
The courses have the character of teaching that answers needs of every participant; they are a live, experience-based transfer, unpredictable and unrepeatable.

They open the gates to Cognition, without enforcing any ready solutions.

It is an invitation to a spiritual journey on the traces of great teachers and mystics, which is aimed at obtaining the state of readiness to meet Value, God, Absolute, Enlightenment or Union.

        Topics within the course cycle:

        • Man’s place in the world and their nature
        • Illusory nature of reality
        • Cause and effect teachings
        • Meditation and prayer
        • Deity and God concepts
        • Final and stage objectives for realisation

There is a knowledge that has accompanied humankind since the dawn of ages.
There is a knowledge that is finished and nothing can be added to it. It can only be updated, to make it understandable for people in different times and different places.
There is a knowledge that gives fulfilment, Wisdom, Love and for which thinking and action go hand in hand.

You will study other religions on your knees
not to believe them, but to learn from them.


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