Life healing

Health is not just lack of disease. Health is completeness of physical, psychical and mental possibilities. It is treating the man as a whole, being whole, and integration.

In ancient Greece the health model was based on holistic understanding of man. The role of individual parts, human aspects, was to build an integrated individuality; an individuality, whose emotions, thinking, acting and feeling are coherent with each other. We might say that a completely healthy person is a person of inner coherence.

Unfortunately, such state is not the norm among men. Most are subject to many factors, each of those factors leading in different direction, making integration and coherence impossible. Media transfer, advertising, environmental influence, family patterns, social and cultural norms and many other elements influence emotions, thoughts and automatic reactions appearing in man. An undisciplined mind is easy to cheat, so man might identify with what appears in them and claim it is ‘their own’. Body and psyche are not that easy to be fooled. Constantly constricted muscles, cramps, digestive system problems, incorrect heart operation, not coping with emotions, explosions of anger or long-lasting sadness or apathy period may indicate lack of health. Maybe form the viewpoint of Western psychology we cannot speak about a specific disease unit just yet, because symptoms do not occur frequently enough or they are not intense enough, but there is a lack of harmonious cooperation between mind, psyche and body. We could metaphorically say that what happened was a separation from self, from treating yourself as a coherent whole. What happens then is breaking yourself down to seemingly independent particles, separating yourself from your own ‘root’ – from the most ‘genuine’ part of yourself. Think whether you treat yourself as a whole if you decide for a specific profession without taking into account arguments from your authentic longings and potential. However, to reach your authentic longings and potential, a courage to know yourself is required, a courage only some can afford. That’s why the complete health – integration, coherence is so difficult to obtain.

Learning integration and pursuit of complete health encompasses, among others, the following issues:

  • Freeing yourself from redundant tension and blocks
  • Assuaging pain
  • Creating biological substance, which balances age deficiencies
  • Freeing yourself from fear
  • Self protection
  • Relaxing emotional link with problems
  • Healing of poisoning your environment with your emotions
  • Freeing from breakdown, depression and sadness
  • Taking reality as it is
  • Healing the escape will
  • Freeing yourself from perceiving problems as a part of your own identity
  • Healing wants which cause clinging
  • Freeing from dream and ignorance

Mind level healing is extremely valid, since mind is responsible for consciousness access. And Consciousness is the only thing that heals.