The Essence of Nine Paths

Aunt Fantasy lives among us, paints patterns on walls and recipes,
she keeps telling fairytales about wonderful worlds and seventh heavens.
Only the truth lives far far away, although it is closer to us than our own skin.

Navis Nord

First we will cover what precedes the basic studies. We always start discussing a given issue from practical psychology. That is so, since in present times social sciences are developed, and the common knowledge of their achievements is next to none. 1000 years ago masters started their teaching with that, so as to move on to more complex issues. In Station Nord we greatly stress psychosocial efficiency and the skill to cope in life. Navis Nord states: “I have seen so many people struggling with the difficulties of the path, but anyone who was psychologically inefficient, did not move on to the next stage.”

What is Existentiology?

It is teaching about existence, it is taking into consideration all matters valid for man from the existentional point of view. Knowledge, which leads to fulfilment, enables a mental change process and breaks us free from our own limitations. The study of Existentiology generates joy, calm and develops balance.

We differentiate three important sections in Existentiology:

  1. Meaning bundles, which we sometimes call Gates.
  2. Points of passage or what may halt us in development.
  3. Values to realise, or what may and what may not be realised, what may and what may not become the Goal that constitutes the Path.

What is the difference between Existentiology and science?

What are the subjects of Existentiology?

What is the need for this type of Courses?