Educational programme

Station Nord personal development courses are based on original materials and a method created by Navis Nord during 30 years of people work. The educational programme is entirely custom-made, constantly supplemented and developed. It encompasses work on many levels valid in people’s life and many levels of advancement. At first the educational programme is focused on fulfilment in professional life (good education, professional success, being well off) and family life (love relationships, good children relations). Friendship, satisfying people relations or dream pursuit are also discussed.

Further work stages focus on man’s inner space and their contact with world, Sacrum zone and the Value. It is a valid part of work, because it encompasses many phenomena and laws governing the inner space, which are unknown to people. The ignorance of those does not help, but is a source of suffering and numerous problems. Gaining this existential knowledge grants access to fulfilment and use of our full powers. It gives us tools to pursue objectives, it teaches calmness, balance, cunning observation and coming to conclusions. Acquiring existential knowledge helps us answer nagging questions about the meaning of life, what is Valuable, what does it mean to be good and to live this short life with dignity.

Full accomplishment of our objectives, living life to the full, integration and lasting fulfilment are only possible when you work with many elements, although it is possible that for some people it will be beneficial to focus on a given area, which is less developed for them. From the global viewpoint it may bring the quickest visible result.

The way courses are conducted

The way courses at Station Nord are conducted takes into account individual differences between course participants, their life stages and their individual preferences. Courses are never conducted in the same way, even if they touch on similar subjects. The most important thing is being here and now with the participants and to be able to provide help in the most necessary present issue, not rigidly holding on to a set plan.

Education forms

It is possible to participate in single courses or cycles. People wishing to continue education may join monthly courses or individually consult Navis Nord and instructors. Available options include coaching, existential counselling (also including spiritual development issues) and, if necessary also psychological or business coaching.

Some people participate in single courses, but many have been participating for years. They can see that, even though they participate in common courses, everybody has their separate way. Most of the people who have been participating for years acquired better knowledge of themselves, their needs and finds the meaning of their life by themselves. Many people will say that it is not for them, because the courses, like every course, are not for everyone. First contact may surprise, but it lets us look at ourselves and the reality around us from a different perspective.

There is a possibility to organise courses on a specific topic with a group of about 10 people in Cracow or 15 people outside Cracow.

You might be thinking how to verify whether it is true or just lofty statements and overgrown promises, since much advertising promises much more than it actually delivers. We will not convince you. You have to decide for yourself whether personal development in Station Nord is your way. And you can verify this: By reading Navis Nord book Art of Three Loves, making appointment with a preliminary individual interview with Navis Nord or just enrolling to selected course: