Circle of Women

The tragedy of women is Lack of true and mature men,
the tragedy of men is Lack of true and mature women.

Navis Nord

In the past our ancestors have created groups/circles closed for the other sex. Those groups had different functions, and one of the most important ones was preparing for initiation into adulthood. Thanks to the women in the circle, a girl became a woman, and similarly, thanks to the men from the circle a boy became a man. The circles transmitted knowledge, live experience, gave the feeling of safety and provided with support and help of all kinds. The circles cultivated love, respect for ancestors and the Great Mother. The circle meetings often took place in special places full of magic power, in the woods, near lakes, in the mountains and meadows.

It seems that nowadays, when life dashes forward, in the age of mobile phones and computer, when a meeting with a human being and deep, intimate relations are rare, there is a great need to resurrect the idea of female and male circles. Even though the outside conditions keep changing, our inner needs remain the same, a need of close relations with the members of the same sex being one of them.

We invite you to commonly create a secret circle of women and men. During the classes we get to know individual stages of becoming a woman and a man, stages that must be experienced and abandoned to enable full development of an individual. We go on an inner journey in search of our own strength; we liberate this hidden and possibly completely conscious power, in order to live in harmony with ourselves and our own dreams. To create a better, more mature society, based on wisdom, intuition and common respect.

Female and male circles are a unique, secret space, where each individual finds their place without fear, where they can open and reveal the truth for themselves and for others. The workshops allow to create extremely strong non-social brotherly and sisterly relations, so that spirituality, joy and fulfilment May flourish within us.

The meetings are based on knowledge and experience of our ancestors, on the wisdom transferred by them in written and spoken form.

For the currency of ‘manhood’ you can get, what a boy or a past-their-sell-by-date 50 year old boy
will not get for any money or any renunciation.

Navis Nord, Art of Three Loves [book fragment]

Of course, to paraphrase, we may say that for the currency of ‘womanhood’ you can get what a girl or a past-their-sell-by-date 50 year old girl will not get.

We invite you for a common journey along the path of ancient wisdom of our forefathers and foremothers! Let the true womanhood and true manhood increase in us!

Course topics

During female circle meetings we work on topics, that may be a modern woman issue:

During female circle meetings we work on topics, that may be a modern woman issue:

Woman among other women

Woman and man

Woman and a happy relationship

Woman and sex

Female friendship

Woman and dreams

Female completeness

Woman and old age

Woman and family