Art of Three Loves

Mysteries of Conscious Love

I call you by your secret name, a spell of opening flowers.
I await, but who comes? Love is not for people, it’s for the eagles.

Navis Nord

Fulfilling relationships – how to build them?
Many people dream of a great love, but some cannot find it, while others think they have found the right person, but they do not feel happy living together…
Is a great and happy love between a man and a woman only a fairytale myth, an illusion of youthful dreams? Our experience in work with people shows that it is possible to construct fulfilling relationships, in which partners not only feel happy, but can also support each other’s personal development. And a love relationship is their source of joy, strength and fulfilment. The problem is that society does not teach us how to construct happy relationships: parents give us models they know, schools and universities do not concern themselves with this task, and the media call to form families, but do not say what to do in order to make them happy ones. The internet is a place where everyone can write, yet hardly anyone has enough knowledge of the topic and fairytales. Well, they end in a big wedding and “They lived happily ever after”, but they do not disclose the secret of how to do the ‘happily ever after’ part.

If you want to get acquainted with the programme of our course and broaden your knowledge about relation building (also partner relations) read Navis Nord book The Art of Three Loves.

Please find below some of the issues touched upon during the whole cycle:

The Objective gives direction and… attracts to the Goal

Are fruit halves scattered all over the world a myth?

Contact, closeness, understanding, Unity, Freedom from the pain of separation

Are you sure you know what the difference is between Adam and Eve?

Kinds of love relationships

You are invited to a love journey in search of lasting fulfillment and joy!