From 1st to 4th April we would like to invite everyone for a retreat for new joiners and beginners in Krakow. We invite everyone who wishes to experience the power of meditation and concentration and to become familiar with techniques used in Station Nord.

Programme includes:

    A. Usual 4 meditative sessions per day, 2 hours each
    B. Basic topics: wellness, relaxation, developing Wisdom and Love.
    C. We get to know and practice a couple of techniques: Universal Love Meditation, Cleansing Practices,
    Love and Compassion Meditation, Absolute Values Meditation, realisable Values meditation.
    D. Start at sunrise and finish at dawn.
    E. Complete vow of silence will be valid on some days to support the meditative experience.
    F. More advanced programme is also scheduled.


    a) English or German interpreting is also possible after prior booking.
    b) Accommodation in the centre is available. We can also assist in nearby hotel booking.
    c) For bookings please contact us at: antares(at)stationnord(.)eu or by phone +48 730 996 969.

Conducted by Navis Nord and Station Nord insturctors.

Meetings and courses in AMSTERDAM and in THE HAGUE

While talking about love relations we usually say ”I love you”; talk about how to find partner or talk about sex. Not much is said about relation-building. We would like to invite you to a course that will teach relation building in friendship and love.

We would like to invite you to meetings with Navis Nord, an author of an important and interesting book Art of Three Loves

11.03.2015, 4-5 pm, TerraZen Cafe, Amsterdam, Sint Jacobsstraat 19hs.
12.03.2015, 6-7 pm, The American Book Center Treehut, Hague, Lange Poten 23.
13.03.2015, 6-7 pm, The ABC Treehouse, Amsterdam, Voetboogstraat 11.
14.03.2015, 3-4 pm, Golden Temple Restaurant, Amsterdam, Utrechtsestraat 126.

Meeting with Navis Nord in Amsterdam 11.03.2015Meeting with Navis Nord in The Hague 12.03.2015Meeting with Navis Nord in Amsterdam 13.03.2015Meeting with Navis Nord in Amsterdam 14.03.2015


Course: Love, longing, dream, fulfilment
15.03.2015, 10 am – 3 pm.

1) Passion, excitement, stimulation – allies or helpers Course leaded by Navis Nord in Amsterdam
2) Sexuality, models of sexual life, sexuality vis a vis spirituality.
3) Man and woman, boy and girl
4) Men and women communication
5) Searching for masculinity and femininity
6) Meditational techniques aiding relation-building
7) What does it mean to build a human relation?
8) What is the difference between personal and relational love?
9) Fiery Love

The course will take place at Golden Temple Restaurant, Amsterdam, Utrechtsestraat 126,

Navis Nord lecture in Vienna in 2013Meetings and courses in VIENNA

On 14th April 2013 Navis Nord gave a lecture titled “Prosperity Training”.

On 13th April 2013 Navis Nord gave a lecture titled “Rational über universale Liebe”.

On 12th April 2013 Navis Nord gave a lecture titled “Joga der Drei Lieben”.


On 12th March 2013 in London Navis Nord gave a lecture titled “Universal Love Model”.