Station Nord

Station Nord is a centre of personal development, full and holistic development, development based on discovering and realising true self, our unused potential, human development, which opens a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Station Nord personal development courses are based on original materials and a method created by Navis Nord during 30 years of people work. The educational programme is entirely custom-made, constantly supplemented and developed. It encompasses work on many levels valid in people’s life and many levels of advancement. The man needs, longs for and dreams both about the ‘worldly’ success: (i.e. about career, loving family, love relation, creativity, etc., self-knowledge and self-awareness are important) and feels an inner longing for the Higher Value (longs for True Love, Union with God / The Absolute, Justice, the Truth, the Good. Eternity and what cannot be expressed in words…). Each of us also feels the need to do meaningful things, hence in the courses we work on each of those areas.

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A fulfilling relation, good people relationships, (family, work and friends) and proper relation to Reality (what is of Value) are a certain Oneness and some cannot be fully separated from others. That’s why if but one aspect is important for you, it is worthwhile to work on others, so that the relation may develop. Construction of a fulfilling multi-level relation (among others interpersonal communication, the matter of hierarchy, passion or envy) is a subject of a course and Navis Nord book Art of Three Loves.

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The feeling of lack, want, incompleteness… Those are the symptoms of poverty mentality, which makes it harder or impossible to achieve objectives and fulfilment. The inner feeling of poverty – independent of outside conditions – stops us from achieving our goals. Instead, we generate artificial wants, which, when achieved, bring no joy, but frustration and lack. If you wish to become a fulfilled person, if you want to have the courage to reach the big goals and develop material and inner Wealth, you must discipline not just your actions, but also your mind, so that it becomes open to great possibilities and that it might differentiate between true wishes and imaginary whims.

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Within the courses we study texts from different mystical or religious traditions, to learn our own inner language, our premonitions connected with the Sacrum zone contact. Denomination or its lack is meaningless here, mysticism transcends denomination. Learning to read mystical texts from different traditions, gives you a necessary tool for self-cognition. To learn to read yourself is the first step to follow your own path.

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A true woman as a partner and a true man as a partner… a dream of many, but few realise that to achieve it, it is necessary to develop own masculinity or femininity. It is rather unlikely that a woman will be attracted to a boy and a man to a girl (regardless of the birth certificates). Femininity and masculinity is a precious currency, which enables us to more fully complete our potential, it is the basics of happiness and fulfilment, not just in a relation, but also in other areas of life.

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